​     "We hired Colin Lewis to bagpipe at my father's funeral. My dad always loved the bagpipes and would have wanted a bagpiper to play at it. Colin guided me through all of the planning for the performance and made his performance symbolic to the memory of my father. He played "Amazing Grace" and "Danny Boy", two of my father's favorite songs. At the end of the ceremony, he slowly marched away out of the Church. The noise of the pipes faded away beautifully. I could not have asked for a more cooperative, kind, flexible, courteous, and stress-free person to work with. Colin's performance was very honorable and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a piper. A good person and an even better bagpiper." -Frances K.

Make the Performance Unique to your Event!

     "Colin had everyone clapping along and dancing while he played a jig at our St. Patrick's day party. Reminded me of that Irish Party from Titanic! He made a great toast to us as well. People are still telling us how fun our party was to this day! Colin is definitely the man for the job if you want a bagpiper to make your party fun and memorable." -Paul G.

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     The bagpipes will leave a powerful and honorable tribute for your loved one. A lone piper off in the distance makes for a treasured accompaniment to the ceremony. Another traditional approach is for the piper to slowly march away while playing his pipes. This makes the sound of the pipes fade away, thus creating a symbolic sound of your loved one's spirit departing. A very experienced bagpiper, Colin has bagpiped at many funerals over the years all over Colorado. He has even performed at a couple funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. Colin would be honored to serve you in accordance with your preferences. He is available for planning via phone or e-mail to discuss any details in regards to the ceremony. 

     Colin's performance can be custom tailored to your desires. For example, if there is a specific song that you would like to have played, or if there is a specific way in which you would like them to be played, Colin will make his best attempt at meeting your request. Make your experience with hearing the bagpipes even more special by having it adjusted to your preferences!

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     The bagpipes add an unforgettable element of grandeur to any event. From weddings to funerals, and everything in between, Colin Lewis and his bagpipes have got you covered. 

Parties/Festivals/Other Events

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 Colin Lewis

     Nothing brings more excitement to an event than the bagpipes. Make your party or function memorable by having a bagpiper there to play a fun jig or a festive fanfare for your guests. It is common for Colin to play at events for Christmas, New Years, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, and Independence Day. He also plays at holiday parties, neighborhood parties, festivals, business functions, and schools. Colin has been the Grand Marshall of the Independence Day Parade in Redstone, Colorado since 2013. The bagpipes are a wonderful addition for occasions of any kind!

​​ Colin can bring the impressive sound of the bagpipes to your event, no matter the occasion. The playing of the Great Highland Bagpipes will undoubtedly make your occasion even more special.

Phone: (303)-818-1705

E-mail: ColinLewisPerformances@gmail.com

     Bring the graceful sound of the bagpipes to your ceremony with Colin Lewis. Colin can play classic Celtic wedding songs off in the distance during an outdoor ceremony, and/or he can lead the way out of the venue with the newly-weds following him while playing his pipes at the conclusion of the ceremony. He plays "Here Comes the Bride", "Highland Cathedral" or anything else you'd like as the bride walks down the aisle. He can also wait outside the venue and begin playing as people arrive at the venue and upon the ceremony's ending. Don't forget about the Cocktail Hour and/or reception! Nothing brings life to a sophisticated party like the bagpipes!

     Any other preferences can be given to Colin. He will be more than happy to accommodate them! It is your day! Colin will gladly guide you through the traditions of Celtic weddings with his experience as a bagpiper at weddings.

     Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life. You've got your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, ring bearer, and flower girl. You have everything planned out. But what about your bagpiper? Add the bagpipes to your wedding to make it even more unforgettable and exhilarating!

     "When we had our wedding, we were so happy that we were able to use Colin!! My side of the family is Irish/Scottish so having a bagpiper at our wedding was always a dream. Colin walked us down the aisle after the wedding ceremony and it was perfect! Such a fun way to walk out into a new marriage!! And then afterwards he played in the gathering space at the church while everyone else headed out to the reception! He was professional, flexible (he learned the song we wanted in a week!!), and TOTALLY worth the money! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a bagpiper!"  -Caitlin Z